Some Jobs That Dogs Are Very Good At

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ID-10041699That’s why dogs are among the most loved out there. They are not only great as pets but can actually be involved in very important duties on a daily basis. Below are some of them:

Guard Dogs

These dogs can be useful in the homes, in the field and in the offices. They are often “well-trained” dogs that obey command and engage in socialization. They only bark or snarl when commanded or when necessary. Guard dogs often help the household and property to stay safe from intruders and thieves.

Service Dogs

These are dogs that help assist individuals with some form of disability. The dogs assist people with physical, mental, intellectual, sensory and psychiatric conditions. These dogs are trained to help people in different conditions such as the blind, the deaf, those having panic attack, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorders.

Dogs like guide dogs, hearing dogs, medical alert dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and mobility dogs, etc fall under service dogs.

Finally, there are dogs used by the military for tasks like sentries, scouts, bomb detectors, trackers, and so on. They could be outfitted with microphones and cameras to hear and see the features of a particular area. These dogs help boost the morale of troops in unknown areas.

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Do You Know The importance of Dog Tricks?

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You will be surprised how many people don’t know. If you are one of such people, then today is your lucky day reading this piece. That said, here we go:

The importance of dog tricks therefore includes:

  • Engaging the dogs mind and increasing its mental exercise.
  • provides fun and learning for the breed
  • Helps to make aggressive dogs, or those in the animal shelters, become calm or adoptable respectively.
  • Helps to solve the problem of barking, jumping on people, and other aggressive behaviors.
  • Engages the mental and physical ability of the dog for sharpness and agility
  • Helps to create a bond between the dog and its owner.
  • Helps to equip the dog to avert dangers in certain circumstances.
  • Helps to improve the feeding habit of the dog and increase its overall health
  • Helps to improve the dog’s ability to obey commands.
  • Make room for added variety of training for the dog owner.
  • Can help improve the exercise patterns of the owner and his dogs
  • Helps for entertainment and revenue generation – as with the case of carnivals and circuses.

Now that you know, I am sure you will be better equipped to handling your dog.

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